Friday, October 31, 2008

Another stab at acupuncture

Taking back my life, maybe ... a while back I had a series of acupuncture treatments for my knee, worked very well. Now I didn't go into the treatment a fan, rather I was pretty skeptical. Hopeful but skeptical. Had already had heat/ice/exercise, ultrasound and electric stimulation therapies, without much luck.

The acupuncture did work - feels like magic!

So I've been putting up with pain in my shoulders for a couple of years now, enough pain to prevent me from curling last year. Naproxin helped for a while reduce the pain a bit but doesn't make it go away (and developed mouth sores as a nice side effect). I do have fibromyalgia so expect to have pain, but wouldn't it be nice to have some relief once in a while?

Have had my first acupuncture treatment for my shoulders today - am hoping for similar results as for my knee! I don't understand how it works, but I guess I don't have to know all the details. If it works, I'll take it!

Basking on and on ...

This has been a glorious fall - today's forecast was so promising I headed out for the day on the bike and am sooo glad - it was a gorgeous fall day. Clear crisp sky, warm(ish) breeze (well, ok it was kinda windy, truth be told) and sunshine smiling down on us all day long.

Sunrise in the morning on the way to work, fabulous. Lunchtime outing warm and wonderful. Sunset on the way home after supper was another gorgeous display of splendour - inspirational!

Did have a close call though - gosh we Goldwings are so hard to see ... a car decided he should be in the same lane same spot I was. I just popped away from them and kept on going - not worth doing any road rage thing, have never seen it help anyone. The driver did spot me when they were halfway into my lane and startled. And yes, I was in a good position - not in their blind spot ... or what would be a blind spot to someone paying attention. They just didn't even look.

Safe and sound, happy to celebrate another fine ride on a fine day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And Sew It Was

Yes, it was just right! The squares made up quickly and look great. Too bad the camera's in for repair ...

Different backing plan

I have a few minutes before my farmer comes home for dinner ... it's not dark yet, the bean stalks aren't wet yet so the harvest pushes on! So I'm taking a different tack - just simple 8" squares of fabric from the front, for the back. Should whip up in no time :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Decision made!

I've been working on the 'spontaneous geometrics' method that John Willard taught in his workshop this summer. Have a couple of quilts ready for and was working on the backing. I also like the 'turning twenty' styles, so had used a lot of the pieces and strips to make a backing.

Turns out my middlest likes the back so much that she would rather see it have a voice of its own - be a quilt all on its own :) So there you go, now have three quilts to back & quilt! All are in the same fall palette. Have to get my camera fixed before I can post the results!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's get started!

Here I am at my kitchen table, enjoying the display of fall colour. Canada has just re-elected Stephen Harper and the US is going to have a new President shortly. The economy is in the tank. But life is good!

Yesterday I visited two quilt shows, so am overflowing with new ideas and inspiration!

The Quilts of East Africa show was hosted by Cotton-by-Post in Ailsa Craig. Simply amazing and inspiring. Rich, vibrant fabrics. Awesome embellishment. Beautiful batiks.

The London Friendship Quilter's Guild hosted a show by their members. There were quilts inspired by John Willard's classes, and a number of quilts inspired by other workshops.

I had attended John's workshop at the Thames Institute of the Arts this summer so was really delighted to see his inspirations expressed by so many quilters.

As it turns out, it would have been a good day to ride, but it was cloudy and threatening all day. Yes, I'm a wuss sometimes. The opportunities for a ride are fading.

My middlest is home for the weekend, she's such a joy. We get to laugh together watching "Big Bang Theory" and Eddie Izzard videos.

Today's project is finishing up the backing for my geometric quilt!

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