Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to spend your 32nd wedding anniversary

How to spend your 32nd anniversary ... 
- Spend the morning doing more purging madly while the packers are packing and the loaders are loading. 
- Panic upon hearing dishes clattering that are getting packed. Panic some more watching the boxes loaded. 
- Miss lunch (or snacks or anything) because you parked at the back to be out of the way of the trucks, only to have all egress blocked by said trucks. 
- Finally manage to escape to get to the appointment for the final inspection (still fabulous!). 
- Dine at 'The Little Beaver' (no candles but lots of characters!). 
- Return to now-empty house to find the bits and pieces the packers missed. Like one of the knobs from my long-arm machine. 
- TRASH the blasted washer that has been working in fits and spurts for years and refuses to drain, accompanied by a glorious sunset. 
The dastardly washer that never drains.
Takes 2 hours to do a cycle (when it doesn't get stuck).
Stops 2 minutes in just for fun - unlocks, waits for you to notice.
Takes 30 minutes to do the last 3 minutes.
HaHa.  Take that!! And that!!
And a glorious sunset for ambiance (it was a beautiful pinky purple sky).
Happy happy happy!
- Retire to MIL's for libations, setting up wireless and email. 
- Just about does it - all that matters is that you're doing this together :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quilting hiatus

It's official.  My sewing machine is back in its box, my odds and ends around the machine are packed. My frame and my first mid-arm have found a delightful new home.  My sewing and quilting are on hold until we are moved and unpacked at the new house.  There is a new frame ready to be picked up and assembled at the new house.

This is the week of the move.  We've decided to spoil ourselves and the movers are packing.  That doesn't mean we get away with much - still have to purge and sort and classify and donate and decide on what stays, what goes.

Dinner tonight was a concoction of random stuff from the pantry.  Turned out pretty tasty, lucky for us!

The LAST load of laundry is through my most horrid washing machine.  I am still deciding if I'm going to shoot it to bits or sledge hammer it.  Nasty thing stops half way through a cycle for no reason, takes 2 hours to run a 50 minute cycle, does not drain.  I will not miss it!

Not sure yet if the movers are starting Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have received more hate mail on our efforts to rehome our faithful dogs.  People are just bizarre. Shame on us for trying to find them a new home?   They are not house dogs, they are not town dogs. They've lived on the farm their whole lives.  We hoped the new owners would be able to adopt them but they just cannot - they have to focus on care for their new infant with significant health issues.   We're heartbroken but we are trying to do the best we can for them.

We've found lots of things that bring back fun memories - files from when we were coaching Little Rockers, 'graduation' photos from Jack & Jill (preschool).  My trunk is full again with another load for Goodwill.

Keeping us going is knowing the exciting new chapter about to begin for us.  So here's another sneak peek of the new house!  This next week will be emotional and bittersweet and another lot of work, but also filled with hope and excitement!

Monday, August 12, 2013

9 more sleeps!

Until the moving company sends in the packers :)

Sneak peak of the new house ...

We are very excited!!  I know I will still have way too much stuff but we are purging, sorting, donating, sorting.  Being a bit of a hoarder since forever is not a good thing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today my quilting frame and my first quilting machine left my quilting studio for their new home.

I'm so very happy that my friend and quilting buddy wanted to take this sweet little package.  The impetus is of course our move - purging, organizing, donating, rehoming.  Found what I am hoping is a win-win for me and my quilting buddy - she's been making tops by the dozens.  I get to rehome my first machine and existing frame.

I'm replacing this frame with the newer model, which has a little sturdier rollers.  I had a LQS order in just the replacement rollers, have been waiting and waiting and the company has not shipped them.

This also gets around possible issues of the assembled frame not able to navigate the stairs in the new house - it will work fine to bring the box of parts in and assemble it in place.  New red snappers ordered and have arrived! - love them!  The new frame has arrived and I can pick it up after we've moved.  Just the leaders yet to come in.

And the frame went into my quilting buddy's home without issue - hurrah!

Happy that my first machine has a new home, happy that it will be at a wonderful home and well loved. Sad that I'm without a frame likely for a month or more.  And I have no idea whether the wiring and other hookups for the QBot I'm keeping and the Quilters Cruise Control that I got with my first machine, all now have the right parts to keep working :/

On a different note, I had a very strange experience getting groceries this week - did you know that you can buy ONE box of kleenex??  Apparently this is true! Who knew!  I'm trying so hard not to buy stuff I'm just going to have to move in a couple weeks.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Massey Summer BBQ

Time for the Summer BBQ for the Massey crew!  We've been gathering summer and winter since Massey shut their doors in 1988.  I've been continually amazed by this group.  Often there are people we meet for the first time, who retired before my better half started working with Massey. Widows of fellas who were in the Test Track crew but have passed, continue to join us.

This year, there was a private unveiling of a special print that was created by a local watercolour artist has created a print, with a central feature of the Massey plant in Brantford, surrounded by a collection of the models manufactured at that plant.

Visiting again was Craig Sitter, who runs the private "Sitter Massey Memories Museum" in Hagersville (see highlights here:

What a blessing to be able to gather with this amazing group!

And there was a terrific print available of this elusive combine - a Massey Ferguson 860, in black! How fun is that!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun find - Jenny's poetry

Today I'm purging again - sorting through stuff we'll keep, stuff we'll donate, stuff that is way past its expiry date and needs to be trashed.

Today is the collection of books.  One of our cupboards is filled with children's books.  Found "Reflections & Expectations V" - Kent County Writing Anthology.  This was published by the local school board - submissions from teachers in local schools, gathered into this delightful anthology.  I think this is from 1993, but there is no actual date.  Am going by the grades/ages of kids I know ...

Page 49

My horse and I cut through the breeze,
We make dust dance behind us
You see the trail fall behind
while you hear the stones shirt
I command
The wind whips through my hair
As we jump ponds and soar like an eagle
twisting and turning around corners
The sun is going down, we won't stop
My horse comes to a complete stop
while I fly off into the gravel
I must put another quarter in the machine
People staring with wide eyes
Kids waiting in line
but that doesn't matter
we're in the mall and it's all going to happen 

Jennifer Woods
Grade 7
Orford Township Central School

Jenny went on to acquire a horse of her own, which she still enjoys today :)
What fun!

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