Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Bits #36

How did she know?  One of my co-workers dropped in with a delightful little piece of chocolate for me mid-afternoon - yummmm!
So is it because I'm looking for the messages, am more open to them, or some sort of karma ... I am finding all kinds of 'signs' that my decision to change my path is the right decision ...

This message is oh so needed to be shared, all over the world ...

Isn't this just *magnificent* trapunto

See Sherry's work at

This is just disturbing - a letter home to parents because the student refuses to suspend belief in the real world.  I hope the parents supported this bravery and critical thinking.  I hope education systems everywhere inspire every student to independent thinking.  I realize this letter is 20 years old ... I'm not a young thang any longer but even my teachers (even my most senior teachers) never had this attitude.

You've likely come across the various examples of *interesting* test answers - these ones had me howling with laughter!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Bits #35

A collection of fun tidbits ...
Spectacularly A.W.E.S.O.M.E
With so many stories recently about simply outrageous intolerance - 
like this

and the pending legistlation in Arizona, (apparently similar legislation already exists in many other states, there was a list I saw earlier, can't find it now), I'm hoping we are at the 'tipping point' - a surge of activity aimed at suppressing an imminent change, similar to activity before desegregation and women's voting rights.  The success of the uprising in Kiev is hopeful that there are places in the world moving to more tolerence and caring.  If I weren't so secular, I'd pray ... 

This made me laugh!

This made me smile :)

Across the country, Canadians watched, cheered, and celebrated! 

There were collections of traffic cams of the 401 early Sunday morning, with NO traffic ... 

 The women led the charge for GOLD

From the semi-finals ...

 Also liked the references to the wins as 'Double-Double Gold-Gold'

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Bits #34

Canada ROCKS!  Olympic Gold medalists Team Jacobs gave an entire week of fabulous curling to watch, topping it off with a definitive win for the GOLD.

Team Jones - won every game they played this week - absolutely amazing curling.  More Olympic GOLD!

Just about right! This is how I'm feeling this week ...

And it's so nice - I've actually been sleeping

And sleeping well!

I've mentioned my favourite husband ... he's also my first and only husband, my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my mentor, my hero.  This graphic is a fabulous summary of how to look at married life - ups and downs, good and not-so-good.  What matters is that you're together, there for each other.  
This is truly a gift, one I hope that I remember to celebrate every day!

This just made me laugh out loud ...

Some awesome zentangling on a mini quilt - 
I may be ready to go back to this soon!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Bits #33

What a roller coaster!  After much more family discussion and reflection, I have decided it is time for a change. And so I have resigned from my day job. I have not been able to find a way to tailor my responses and adjust my ways of thinking to "fit" in our new organization.  

I readily admit I am not an easy employee to manage - I question everything. Every day, I learn something new.  So every day, every task, I ask myself - is this still the best way to do this? How can I apply what I learned make this more efficient?  A mightily annoying perspective for managers who just like the way it's always been done. And then to make it worse, I have a passion for collaboration and cooperation, so I try to share.  To top it all off, I don't seem to be able to let go until I understand an issue or resolve an issue.  Just the worst employee ever.  

But I'm all out of fight.  I am realizing that this is no longer my battle.  It is destroying my sanity and my health to keep trying.  So ... time to "turn the page" (yes, a favourite song!).  And to take advantage of our great blessing that I can take some time to figure out our next chapter.

And so, change is good!  I am heartbroken but also feeling less burdened. I have tried, I have battled, I have done my best and I believe I leave a positive legacy for most of my colleagues.  At least, I've planted the seeds for positive changes.  

I've also been very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with a very amazing coach, and even though we've only worked together for a wee bit, she deeply understands so much.  Things I had not yet been able to put into words.  Deep, tough questions to help you get to a positive place.  So I realize now one of the things that is creates so much angst for me has been that there are so many things I wanted to finish that I won't be able to.  With her help, I also realize that is ok - I have planted the seed and it is OK for someone else to take over and complete the initiative (or not!).  

My focus for the next few weeks then is to pick the things to finish that I will actually be able to finish, to leave proudly and positively.  And to get to a point where I am not weeping at the drop of the hat.

The warrior woman graphic?  This coach understands me deeply - it is my personal style to be a fighter, even if it is not just for me.  Like the battles to keep our small schools open, and all those fights I've fought over the years. She had this vision of me!  What I love most about the graphic - the sturdy steed is a unicorn :)

So I am most grateful today for the wise, strong woman with such insight to inspire affirming introspection, and help crystallize goals and vision into positive actions.  And a wonderful sense of humour!

My heart is full from the good wishes and virtual hugs of my credit union network family.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Bits #32

Seriously, MEAT LOAF.  IS.  AWESOME!

From Meat Loaf's FB page just after the show - a collage of images.

We managed to find ourselves at the opening show for this tour! Amazing, wonderful performance!  Still full of humour and philosophy ... 

On the way back to the hotel, one of the buskers was a young bagpiper, wearing Randall tartan.  
How cool is that!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Bits #31

Sweet and simple
Sunshine & Warmth!


Happy Bits #30

What a strange society we are ... zipping around the country in a tin can with 125 or other souls brings out some strange behaviours.  Safety is something we demand of the companies we pay to zip us around, and yet so many people don't think it is their responsibility to even follow the rules.  We had a lovely flight, the captain warned us when we were flying into some rough spots, the 'fasten seatbelts' lights are on, but people are wandering about or not buckled in.

We hit an air pocket and drop (reports vary between 750 ft and 2500 ft) - literally we are all flying off our seats.  Those of us with our belts buckled are held right there, pop right back into our seats.  No real harm other than "WHAAATTT" - this really is a horrible feeling.  I'm thinking this is why we have demanded our airlines develop and use safety guidelines, why they insist on the safety demo each flight.  Which is what the crew announces - 'folks this is why we have seatbelts' and the captain announces - 'no extra cost for the roller coaster experience'.  Laughter all around.  Buzzing conversation all around.

Listening to the buzzing and overhearing conversations after the flight, one comment was - "I'm 400 pounds and my head hit the ceiling".  He's talking about suing.  Clearly they felt that seatbelt was just uncomfortable and inconvenient.  Likely just the aftereffects of a scare but still, seriously?  We landed just fine, we got great service.

Reflectors on the roads - these make such a huge difference in night driving - sure wish Ontario roads didn't have to deal with snow plows or there could be some way to install them on our roads!

We had an absolutely delightful dinner tonight at Rustler's Rooste.  When my favourite husband was working with Massey in the 80's, the Field Test crew apparently talked about eating here.  We ended up staying close to this spot and stopped in for supper.  Oh my, the steak was incredible! The facility is incredible, with live band, a huge crowd - young and not-so-young.  Beside the entry is a pen for 'Horney' - their mascot bull.  A beautiful beast.

Service was awesome.  A troubadour was wandering making balloon animals for the kids.  

Arizona Margaritas made with prickly pear cactus juice was very tasty. Delightful meal, finished with a very different treat to finish the meal - a bucket of cotton candy!  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Bits #28

I love this story!  Facebook is celebrating 10 years, and everyone on FB can generate a movie of their Facebook experiences.  The little gizmo picks your top posts, some of your most liked photos, etc.  Works rather nicely.

And they are doing some features - such as 'Humans of New York' - "Brandon Stanton moved to New York in 2010 with two suitcases and a goal of taking 10,000 photos. Since then, he's told dozens of stories with his portraits, and he's managed to create a community within a city of millions."  FB videographers followed him for a few days, filming his experiences.  Makes a wonderful, positive story ...

This fits perfectly :)

We found a clock! The eating nook in our new house has been needing a new wall clock - we've been seeing some here and there, liking lots but not enough to come home with us.  I've so often found myself looking at the wall, catching myself because that's where the clock was in our old house - and it's not there now!  It was a tired old clock with little redeeming value, I didn't want it to go up in our beautiful new house. Today in Costco (of all places!) is a perfect clock - clean lines, nicely round, wood outer, chrome inner border. Looks great!

And wow .. British artist Jane Perkins calls herself a re-maker, as she uses found objects of various shapes, sizes and hues to replicate the most famous paintings and portraits of our times. In her gorgeous mosaic series “Plastic Classics”, Perkins combines all sorts of plastic objects – buttons, LEGO pieces, beads, figurines – and matches their shapes and authentic hues so well that the works look strikingly similar to the originals. These artworks resemble the impressionistic tradition, as they can be appreciated both from a distance as well as up close.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Bits #27

Very creative, very interesting, love it!

True Story.  

The vision and talent is amazing 
Guido Daniele - artist

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