Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Bits #41

Apparently I managed to lead people astray - on my LinkedIn profile, I changed my 'company' to 'Freedom55' with a title of 'Enjoying Life' - which some of my colleagues interpreted as an actual job at a real company 'Freedom 55'.  I thought that was just a slogan, not a company :(  Sorry about that!

My happy bits for today ...

 Still love puns!

It is St Paddy's day, I'll wear green, but there are definitely more Scottish roots than Irish, I think!  This made me laugh...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy BIts #40

Wow.  Friday was my last day with the company I've worked at for more than 15 years.  Yesterday was the first page of my next chapter.  And it was *fabulous*.  Silly little things that just made me happy.

  • slept in without feeling guilty
  • figured out that I don't have to go grocery shopping until Monday ... don't have to fight with the crowds!
  • cabin cleanup with joy - one of the favourite things in my new house is cleaning the master shower - it is a fabulous spa ensuite.  I fill a bucket with hot water, vinegar, a shot of dish soap and a shot of dishwasher rinse agent.  Pop into the shower with a long handled sponge thing and swab all the surfaces with the magic potion, let it sit while I shower.  Swab everything with fresh hot water, then squeegee the glass.  It's so satisfying, and the sunshine was streaming in, giving me a shot of happiness :)

  • March Madness is all about curling, right?  With the Olympics it has been extra fun. This week there is "The National" championship - yesterday we got to watch the curling legends and giants - Team Howard vs Team Martin.  F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!  Today, it's Team Howard vs Team Gushue.  Expect more spectacular curling!  And this weekend the Women's World Curling championship at The Ford's started - Team Homan is a delight to watch.

    • Glenn Howard lines up a shot during Syncrude National play (Photo Credit: Anil Mungal).
      • Friday was "Pi Day" {3/14} - always a fun collection of images - my fav this year ...

      • This graphic went straight to my heart - it is one of my core values - to question everything, to look for new knowledge every day.  To be a lifelong learner.  AND this is an initiative to promote learning in different chunks so you can dive deeply or skim ...  WOW.

      • Yesterday was Worldwide Quilting Day.  Power has been delivered to my quilting corner so I am able to do some sewing - YAY YAY YAY!  This is the project I'm working on ... in harvest colours of course.  I had started on it last summer, before we packed up, and I unearthed the box with this project and got to dig back into it.  So I got to QUILT and watch world class curling.  My heart is singing!
      This made me laugh and laugh!

      Yes, mine is totally broken!  Not sure it ever worked!

      Totally true ...

      Wednesday, March 12, 2014

      Happy Bits #39

      I try to remember all the good and happy things about my brother; you could tell he was nearby by his laugh - hearty and deep and often.  The grief cuts deepest to see what his passing has wrought upon our family.  

      My Engineer tolerates my hugs :)

      From George Takei's FB feed 'Oh Myyyy'

      Yesterday we had 10 degrees and sunshine, today, 6" of snow so far ...

      This looks like a fab idea - maybe tracks though :)

       Awwww ...

      Sunday, March 9, 2014

      Happy Bits #38

      Today I seem to be in full fibro flare - aches and pains and swollen joints - ugghhh! 

      Yesterday was fabulous - my favourite husband's birthday.  Kids and MIL joined us for a feast.  The menu planned was prime rib, hasselback potatoes, garlic shrimp, mushroom medley, chopped salad, birthday cake.  The rib roasts at the grocer were not big enough - had to get two!  Everything was delicious, had a wonderful dinner and visit.

      Thursday night was the staff gathering for my farewell dinner at work.  My heart was full of gratitude and thankfulness for the kind words and positive memories.  My friends from the credit union technology committee came for the gathering!! My family were all able to come as well, it was a bittersweet night.  I had prepared a short 'speech', as an interactive presentation ... I've been a collector of quotes, and I tried to illustrate the key things I was thankful for with an appropriate quote/lyric - the people were to identify the author/song etc.  I was pretty nervous this would fall flat on its face, but the troopers they are, they had fun with it!  

      I have tried to present why I am leaving, as time to move to a new chapter in my life.  My closing comments in my 'speech'... more than 34 years ago, my DH asked, 'Accompany Me', and now it is time to 'Turn the Page'. .

      For the last few months, I keep seeing things like the first three graphics ... time for a change, be true to yourself.  It is feeling very good be moving to the next chapter, even if it is also a bit terrifying!  And one of the fun things I've discovered too - I can make up completely live by new rules!  I astonished my DH yesterday by making a grocery list - I usually don't.  We both had a nice chuckle that I get to do things differently in this next chapter :)

      Don't worry, I'm still a rebel!

      And a quilter!

       Sherry updated the trapunto progress - here it is all painted 
      - leaves me breathless!
      "Joy" by Sherry Rogers-Harrison,
      Karen Marchetti -

      Sunday, March 2, 2014

      Happy Bits #37

      Making progress!  The sewing machine is on its table, press board is found, cutting board is found, rulers are found!  Getting closer to be able to quilt again :)  Still have to get power over to this area - there are no power outlets in the basement - it's unfinished so lots of options.  A very good day!

      From Jamie Wallen's work - love the scroll in the sashing!

      Deep thoughts to ponder today ...

      I'm a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan!

      Continuing on the word play theme ...


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