Sunday, October 26, 2014

Western University Convocation Celebration

This past Friday, our middlest received her Masters of Education and Psychology, Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Whew! 

The ceremony was very well done, miles of purple velvet, speaker was Jane Urquhart - one of Canada's preeminent authors.  She was fabulous!  The photo below shows just the graduates and the stage.  Friends and family on either side and behind those seats.

We spent a delightful evening with family and lots of delicious food and drink. Well done, middlest!

Sisters and sometime friends!

Fall Colour Tour Spectacular

We had a wonderful tour, 2 weeks, more than 6,500 km.  250 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful autumn colours when we were more northerly.  Exquisite twisty roads.  The Tail of the Dragon, The Snake, The Rattler.  Slayed all.

Professional photos testifying to the day ... Killboy photos - Oct 2, 2014, Touring group, just after 3 pm.

Killboy Photos is a terrific business - they have photographers at a variety of strategic positions along the route, taking spectacular photos of all the vehicles as they tackle "the dragon".  Rain, shine, cold and hot.

So many fabulous roads, so much beauty.  A few photos ...

Cut Up New House Celebration

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