Monday, January 12, 2015

Memory quilt progress

Yesterday ended horridly.  After beautifully working on part of a pass for the blocks and sashing, my machine kept breaking the top thread.  Checked everything, changed the needle, etc.  No joy - breaking every few inches. Pulling the thread off of the cone slowly did show a wee catch but that's the only thing I could see.  Called it a day.

This morning, decided I should try swapping the cone I'm winding bobbins from, and the cone that's feeding the quilter.  And ... voila! no more thread breaks! Sheesh.  Luckily no frogging needed, but there will be a lot of extra ends to bury.

So a few more passes done this afternoon.

Loving my new rulers from 'Quilters Apothecary' -
added a wee bit of tape on the ruler to mark the distance to the next line to quilt.

Corner - squaragonal corner, beadboard border,
simple wavy line in the smaller green sashing.

Flames in the border of the Mickey bib overall snippet

Tigg'r loops, framed with straight lines in this sashing

More Tigg'r loops

Nebula picture day

We started out the morning planning on delivering some furniture and the quilt today, but snow flurries have smashed our plans.  Later this week should work better - supposed to be clear for a few days.

The pattern is Kaye Wood's "Nebula", in my MIL's favourite colours of pinks, greens, chocolates and creams.  Bamboo batting, glide thread top and bobbin.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Memory Quilt

Have been working on a memory quilt for a friend - she has provided onesies, tshirts, wee jeans and bib overalls, from her very energetic and charming little guy.  My vision for this one was to create blocks out of squares featuring swatches from the clothes.  She wants it to have the option of hanging or being displayed on a queen size bed, so it's BIG!

So many sweet pieces - I said "Awwww" a lot!  Here is the design wall deciding on layouts for the blocks. 

Love the turtle!!

Kept pockets!

Just couldn't cut the amazing white lacy tunic!  

All together - horizontal sashing are from the onesies.  Awwww

On the frame!  It is BIG!!

Anita's Quilt

Don's mom has been moved to a local nursing home.  It is an excellent facility with caring staff and we are so happy that it is available.  Traumatic but we know that she is receiving excellent care and she is already walking more, eating better and looking healthier.

She is an expert sewist and I've made a wee table topper for her in the past but hadn't made a bed or lap quilt for her.  I apparently was worried that my work wouldn't be good enough.  Decided - oh well, just do it!

The pattern is Kaye Wood's "Nebula"
So, I picked out fabrics with the help of my bestie and the owner of Country Patchworks just outside of Woodstock.  Normally I'm pretty good at coordinating fabrics, but the colours I wanted to do are outside of my comfort zone.  Trying to do colours that Anita would like - so picked the soft green/pink/chocolate colours that are in her house.  

Here is the progression of building the quilt ...

Large diamond arms
The background fabric is from The Marsh Store in Coldstream - auditioned lots of different options there - shot cotton, Kona cottons, pink, brown, gold.  In the end picked this lovely lightly patterened gold, along with a lovely wide backing.
One arm of large diamonds and small diamonds, auditioning golden background

More auditioning

All together - decided the dark tips need to be at the outer edges, the lighter tips are the inner points now

On the frame!  "Ghost" diamonds filling in the corners, with heart and feather flourishes.

Continuous curves on all the diamonds - with rulers on the large diamonds, and freehand on the small diamonds.

And a new ruler!  Ordered a delightful set of rulers from Jamie Wallen's 'Quilters Apothecary'.  LOVE them!

I knotted and buried every thread - even the short ones!  Love Renae's technique.  I use dental floss gizmo for this ... nice and sturdy, works really well!

Ahhhhh - quilting!

We debated and considered and finally made a decision - whew!  The longarm finally has been set up in the bright upper bedroom.

I've been making tops since we moved to the new house, but couldn't finish anything!  Conscripted my youngest and her beau to help with the construction, and the frame was assembled.

Then to mount the Pfaff and set up QBot.  The new frame has a different  configuration for the rear rail, so the existing hardware didn't work.  Had to order an adapter kit from QBot, and figure out how to set up the encoder.  With the help of Joan at Sew Creative in Mt Brydges, we got everything all figured out.  Well, Don got it figured out - I was only supervising and cheering :)

First up was a practice piece - plain muslin to get the muscle memory back.  I was pretty happy that the feather forms weren't entirely horrible.  I've been practicing drawing lots, and reading and viewing videos.

One of the best new features of this setup - see that 'idler rail'?  LOVE it!  Means I don't have to keep raising and lowering the quilt as I roll.

And I had a bucket of 'Comfort Quilts' for the CKQG to quilt up - here they are on the frame.

Isn't this just the most delightful backing!  

Got those done and delivered before Christmas.  Off and running again!  Woot Woot!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feather Boot Camp

I've been a member of the discussion forum, Machine Quilter’s Resource for a number of years, have learned so very much and enjoyed the discussions, support and sharing of these talented quilters.

One of these quilters, Suzanne Earley, put together a "Feather Boot Camp" series in 2009 and offered it for $50.  This is now freely available at or click on the banner below! Many of the quilters on this forum can attest to having taken this boot camp, which made a huge difference in their confidence and abilities.  

There is a 'Virtual Tip Jar' available - for donations - if you find the lessons of value.
Feather Boot Camp

In the lessons, Suzanne will suggest posting your progress on the forum, and she is talking about Machine Quilter’s Resource, a terrific place I recommend for help and advice, general support and encouragement.  Create an account (it’s free too), and you can post your progress.  Suzanne may not be able to answer all your posts, but I assure you that there are lots of other quilters there who will, including me.  Many of us have taken the course, and can help you with whatever you need. 

I highly recommend the bootcamp!  I have her "Meandering Magic" books too, which I've used and practised with and enjoyed.

Aren't quilters amazing?!

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