Sunday, September 27, 2015

On the Road - Coralville IA - Logansport IN

Today's farm report: Iowa - beautiful rolling hills with corn coming off, soys not quite ready; Illinois - flatter but still with grassy waterways, combines in corn and bean fields; Indiana - corn still ahead of beans mostly, many areas where there was late (or no) planting from too much rain in the spring. So many bins. Grain buggies and multiple combines in these big fields. It was always a crop tour, eh?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

On the Road - heading home!

3 days travel ...

Montrose CO to Black Canyon National Park.  Last time through, there were wildfires and the canyon was engulfed in a haze.  This time, brilliant sunshine and the canyon in all its glory!

And on to Monarch Crest over Monarch Mountain, 11352 ft.  Another day almost entirely above 7,500 ft.

Getting itchy to be back home ....  last hurrah at mountains going through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Last time, we did this east to west, in the fog and snow.  This time, much improved - west to east and beautiful sunshine and warm weather!!

Then onto the Interstates to make tracks homeward bound.

Nebraska - foothills and flat, grassy high desert.  Irrigated fields of hay, corn, some milo.  Feedlots - huge feedlots!

Iowa - rolling, contoured beautiful fields of corn and soybeans.  Terraced fields, grassy waterways. Some combines rolling in corn fields - including one with a 'down corn' attachment, although it didn't look like the corn was down.

Corn fields ready before soy fields.

An accident on I80 near Newport involving 2 motorcycles - westbound traffic all diverted, accident reconstruction team onsite, both motorcycles sadly on their sides along with cars in the median and trucks on the side of the road.  Cannot be good news.  

"Fishbowl Margarita" and gigantic draft fit the bill for dinner tonite!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

On the Road - Cortez - Montrose CO

Ah, Colorado, how we love your roads!

One of our all-time favourites - the "Million Dollar Highway".  Colorado #550 from Durango to Ouray.  Three mountain passes, most of the day over 10,000 ft, steep climbs, sharp curves, deep drop-offs, few guardrails.

There were billboards advising of construction on Red Mountain Pass, and we couldn't remember exactly where that pass was.  The highway is closed weekdays EXCEPT for the crew's lunch break. So only open between 12 noon and 1 pm daily.  We didn't dilly-dally.  Managed to time it just right to get through all the construction in good time.

The aspens are turning - we had brilliant sunshine, warmish temps and glorious golden aspens flittering in the wind.

Don got some photos, but I only captured a couple while we were stopped waiting for the one-way traffic.

Where they're doing construction, they have removed half the road that is on the outer side - yikes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On the Road - Kanab UT - Cortez CO

Colorado, we're baaaaaack!

We've had some fabulous rides in Colorado, we're looking forward to a few days re-exploring some of our fav rides.

Stopped in Page UT for a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam.  Note to self - take the time to listen to Ranger talks!  There was a model of the canyon region and the very able Ranger gave a terrific outline of the history of the dam ... and of the model.  The model was created by an artist early 1960's from a dense foam.  He worked from aerial photos and topographical maps, and took soil samples from all the different areas.  There are 78 different shades of red rock in the model.  The dam itself has more concrete than the Hoover Dam.

We managed to miss most of the rain until the last 45 minutes - but were rewarded with a rainbow! Then at the hotel, another rainbow.  Both of these were double rainbows, but only managed to catch a single while we were on the road.

Monday, September 21, 2015

On the Road - Green River - Kanab UT

Capital Reef National Park - spectacular
Grand Staircase National Monument - amazing
Bryce Canyon - humbling, unbelievable

Lots of photos from today!!

The cones are covered with waxy stuff

14% grade, sharp curves, edges drop off into the deeps on both sides.  Who needs guardrails!

Geo Survey marker

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