Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Shelby - Billings MT

The parts of Montana we're travelling through is under a smoky haze from nearby wildfires.  It is moderating the temperature a bit.  

Quite a few fields seem to be set up as alternating crop/fallow - likely to conserve moisture?  Don also notice the huge adoption of GPS technology - die-straight lines with no wobbles or misses.

Summer Adventure Tour - Cranbrook - Glacier National Park - Shelby

Cool and bright, beautiful blue skies to start the day!  We were quickly at the border crossing at Roosville and into Montana, on our way to Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Highway.

The saddest part of the day was arriving at our hotel in Shelby, to discover that my reservation was for last night, not tonight.  Ugh.  And they're booked with busloads tonight.  Luckily another hotel down the road did have a room available.  Lots of GoldWing in both parking lots - looks like lots heading towards Billings and the Wing Ding '38!

Heard on the news tonight that we were ahead of the storms through Glacier, with hail!  Glad we missed that, whew!

Border crossing - Roosville
 Isn't this just the best tour trolley?  I'd love to go on a guided tour in one of these!

Tour trolley!
Beautiful skies, heat into the 30's, beautiful roads, beautiful sights.

Narrow roadways near the summit, with delightful rock guardrails.  

The Travellers!

Picked up a huge hitchhiker.  Critter hung on for a long time!  Some sort of ugly beetle.

Heading east out of Glacier National Park gives way to flatter, wheat fields. That's the park in the horizon.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Vernon BC - Cranbrook BC

A cool and mostly cloudy day (although I still got more sunburned on my face, with SPF 60 and having the face shield - which also is supposed to have SPF protection - down all day).  A day of mountains, valleys, babbling rivers, train tracks, snow sheds, tunnels, eagle nests, and the world's largest paddle!

At Albert's Peak, there is a train track through a rock cut, and a tunnel on the other side of the river.

Albert's Peak - this lovely warning sign on handling unexploded charges

Albert's Peak pull off - view the opposite direction as above

World's largest hand paddle - near Golden
Rest stop with a monument to the TransCanada Hwy

Tile mosaic of Canada and the TransCanada Highway

Avalanche control artillery

Avalanche control artillery placque
Lots of eagle nests along Hwy 95 south of Golden - most are on poles erected just for this purpose - right beside hydro poles with tented pointy anti-nesting-looking devices at the top.  Lots also had one or two or three residents.  These residents were screeching at us wildly as we were taking their glamour shots.
Eagle's nest


Just past Radium Springs

Radium Springs - view of the road ahead

Vernon BC -> Cranbook BC

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Vernon BC - Farquier and back

Bath Day for the bikes!
After their cross-country trip, the bikes desperately needed a bath!  Bugs and mud and dust and more bugs.  Love the car washes that take cards! 

Rest area along BC#6

Wee wild lupins

Wee lake at the rest stop
BC #6 is a beautiful road of hills and curves.  Hills from 6% grade to 12%.  The hill down to the ferry is a fun 11% grade.  It was a blast doing this both directions.

At the river and ferry crossing, there is also an area set up to corral logs - a spot for trucks to offload, and a boom around a huge area to keep the logs in order. 

Log booms in the river at Farquier
The ferry held lots of vehicles.  Livestock loads have priority, say the signs.  There is no wake from the ferry - three cables guide the ferry back and forth on its journeys.

Cable ferry at the river crossing to Farquier

Took a small side trip to Edgewood for a cool beverage and there was this beautiful number on my odometer.  Right at Edgewood General Store.  They have hardware, groceries, beer, wine, liquor, hats, ice cream treats, candy and also sell gas.  One stop shopping.

On the way out to Edgewood, Don spotted another bear!  He turned around to try to get a photo, but the bear disappeared into the bushes.

Fun odometer reading at Edgewood BC

Coming back into Vernon, we can see there is another wildfire underway ... http://cfjctoday.com/article/539776/wildfire-burning-south-vernon

BC #6 both directions!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Kamloops - Vernon BC

Another beautiful BC day - full of sunshine!  Gorgeous backroads most of the day, in good condition with not much traffic.  My kind of day!  Right up until we got to Summerland then Kelowna all the way to Vernon - then it was heavy traffic.  Too early to be rush hour, but maybe people heading out for weekend playtime?

Two bears spotted today - one just after we started up the small mountain road #3A - a good sized black bear, loping down the road, then scampering off into the brush.  Then at the other end of #3A - at an abandoned garbage dumpster site - big fella sitting on the top of the dumpsters.  He just stayed there when Don took his picture!  

Rest area along BC #5A

Lunch at Keremeos

Serious picnic tables!

Best road of the day!  Mountain road #3A - bridges over babbling brooks have wooden decks

View from the other direction from the wooden deck bridge on #3A

Big, beautiful elderberries! Tons of these bushes along the roadway.

Saw another of these warning signs today
Moose crossing warning.  The first few times I saw this version I couldn't get my head wrapped around which direction the moose was facing

This was the sight we saw when we arrived in Penticton - so many people floating in the canal!

Today's route

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