Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hello Autumn!

Totally love autumn.  Colour.  Crisp breezes.  Autumn at the lake?  Heaven!

Maple leaf on weathered wooden steps

Didn't even know these were here!
Beautiful petite pink succulents.

Tufts of Rudbeckia

Geranium pots still blooming at the bunkie

Golden maple leaf on mossy rock

Red maple leaf on weathered wood

Love this Maple Leaf too!

Water levels are up after the recent rains.
It's just at the bottom rung of the ladder,
it was at least six inches lower in early August.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quilt Projects - New Blocks

Sewing Sunday and also #mqgsewday!

Pat Sloan's monthly "Designer of the Month" series released their September block, designed by Katarina Rochella ((see the block here))

Into The Blue

Also continuing with Tula Pink's 100 Modern Blocks ... this section focus is on rectangles.

Block 60

Block 61

Block 62

The strangest sight in the neighbourhood tonight - an ice cream truck!  Lots of people lined up for yummy treats.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quilting again

Had to have a few days to catch up with life after our fabulous road trip, and I managed to get a bit of quilting accomplished today!  A couple of Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks and a Splendid Sampler block.  I really am loving the Moda "Grunge" line - so much depth in the fabric.  

Farmer's Wife #80 - Single Wedding Star / Broken Wheel

Farmer's Wife #104 - Wild Geese

Splendid Sampler #58 - Homeward Bound

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Benton Harbor MI -> Home!

Home sweet home!  Wohoo :) So happy to be home!

10,962 km (6,811 mi) and 21 days of fabulous rides.  A terrific field crop tour.

Worst moment today - being behind a transport when one of its tires blew up. Pieces of hot rubber and steel flying everywhere. Trucker got his rig to the side without incident, all the other traffic managed ok.

Meal planning for the day - breakfast at Bob Evans (Benton Harbor, MI), lunch at Tim Horton's (Point Edward, ON), supper at The Little Beaver (Komoka, ON).  


Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Albert Lea MN - Benton Harbor MI

We had to wait for thundershowers to pass Albert Lea MN so we didn't leave until a couple of hours later than we had hoped for.  Another +500 miles, a big day.  Especially when it's hot, hot, hot and gusty windy.

Travelled through Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan today.

Late lunch at the Iowa 80 truck stop.  

My bike rolled over 40,000 km today (Don is about 400 km ahead of me).  We're over 11,000 km for this trip so far.

Summer Adventure Tour - Sturgis SD -> Albert Lea MN

Interstate all the way, mostly 80 mph.  Sturgis SD to Albert Lea MN

  • SD Badlands are awesome, quite a bit look a bit greener than I recall from other trips
  • Skunks, deer, porcupine, hawks, raccoons all had bad days on the interstate
  • No guard donkeys spotted amongst all the herds of angus
  • Milo, sorghum, sunflowers in SD
  • Quite a few of the cornfields in SD look as if they've had hail damage - shredded leaves
  • A trailer full of drainage tile!  Back in the land of corn and soybean fields in MN
  • Wind turbines in MN - a few on trucks headed for their destination; a production plant; fields of turbines fully operational harnassing this windy day
  • Fav licence plate spotted today:  IOAA
  • What appears to be a motorcycle trailer hauled behind a pickup - trailer has "Bio Hazard" decals. Bio Hazard or trying to keep out the curious?  
  • Two cornfields sported flags - thought they might be the brand of the seed they used.  Nope, TRUMP flags.
  • A lot of I90 in SD is cement, and they're working on some sections, replacing with more cement.  And a lot of it is washboardy.  
  • Fought cross-winds all. day. long.  Gusts, followed by steady blasts.  All. Day.  Long.  Did I mention we were on I90, @80 mph? In gusty crosswinds?  On washboardy cement.

Long vistas of South Dakota

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Billings MT -> Sturgis SD

Yesterday was a rest / wash the bike / stay out of the ridiculous heat / explore a quilt shop day :)

Backdoor Quilt Shoppe was found and explored :)  Row by Row acquired.  Fun bits acquired.
Bikes were washed.  Love the car washes that take credit cards.
Bodies were rested.

And we're on our way home!  First up is the Big Horn Basin Scenic Route - WY 14A.

Lunch stop at a Perkins in Sheridan WY.  Nice, typical Perkins.  Waiting at the door with a fellow who was a trucker and had been at the International plant in Chatham a few times.  Small world.  Our table was beside a group of 4 - 2 couples, one of them were just turning 70, the other perhaps a bit older.  Started their meal with prayer.  They're heading to Red Lodge, there is a church there they want to check out.  Cool.  Then they are talking about various ethnic groups (Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese) and then I *really* wish they had better hearing aids so it wasn't so impossible to not eavesdrop.  

They start talking about when they dropped the atomic bomb and how close we are to another nuclear war.  Their take - it's God's way of calling humanity back to him.  This is the most terrifying thing I have ever heard.

We bookended the day with another twisty bit - Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway.  A sweet, freshly paved piece of delightful sights and scents - following a babbling brook, with towering canyon walls and lush evergreens.

Extreme helmet hair with a beautiful waterfall in the background!
This scenic byway takes us through Spearfish, Lead, Deadwood and on to Sturgis.  Lovely x 4!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Beartooth Pass

Today was Beartooth Pass day!  We've been here before, have done this pass clockwise.  Today was counter-clockwise.  Hot, sunny, beautiful day.  We were expecting more haze from the wildfires, but it wasn't too bad.

So many GoldWings ... GoldWings, GoldWings with trailers, GoldWings triked, plain jane GoldWings, Glowing GoldWings, oscillating headlights GoldWings, GoldWings with extra sparkly brake lights. All the GoldWings. 

Finished up the day with a fine dinner and GWRRA's Got Talent competition.  They fed the hoardes with eight buffet tables.

A few switchbacks

A very nice, flat-ish, paved, pullout to take some photos.

Can you see me now?? My new hi-viz coat.

Vista Point

A few GoldWings in the parking lot at Vista Point

At the summit

Top of the World Store

Construction on Hwy #296

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer Adventure Tour - Wing Ding - BIllings MT

In Billings MT for a few days for Wing Ding 38!  Today almost broke their high temp record - reached 99*F, just shy of the 101*F record from this day in 1955.  Thankfully the trade show venues were nicely air conditioned.  We spent the day visiting vendors.

There are thousands here for this event - GoldWings everywhere!  This is the parking lot - 'Wings as far as you can see.

Found a quilt that's being raffled - tickets acquired :)

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