Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kaffe Eclipse

An explosion of love for Kaffe Fassett fabrics happened here!  The quilt began with the pattern by Elizabeth Hartman called "Solar Eclipse".  To me this is very southwest, and many of the Kaffe colours are too!  I had so much fun playing with this design :)

In the end I didn't use the directions in the pattern, rather created HST's and sliced them to create each square (4 HST's in each block). 

This was started at the Material Girls Quilt Retreat in November 2016.  For the quilting, I put ribbon candy in each of the white strips and a Nemeshing-type of feathery frond in the blank white spaces inside the shapes.  For the solid shapes, just followed the strips.

I love, love, love this quilt!  It makes my eyes and heart happy.

And the back ...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Interlocking Desert Stars

Interlocking Desert Stars

I love the colours of the American southwest.  Rich teals and blues, complex oranges, brick reds, cactus greens.

Last winter we stayed at a wonderful rental house in northern Phoenix and I got some quilting in. One of the big quilt tops finished there was a design inspired by Sarah Craig's "Interlocking Stars" (see her post Interlocking Stars).  Again I wanted something a bit bigger.  I'd also just read an article on modern quilting with cropped designs.  Redrafted the design to add a cropped star ... and thus was born "Interlocking Desert Stars".

A few photos of the quilting detail ...

Last year the London Modern Quilt Guild worked on colour - I was intrigued by how changing up the background colour can totally change the quilt.  So I created a sister quilt, with a teal background.  I got most of the top finished at the SWO Mod quilt retreat just after we got back from Phoenix.  Lots of big blocks, so it goes together quickly!

I had some great feedback on the colours from the other quilters at the retreat. One suggested that a green I had was not quite right - overpowered the other fabrics.  I thought it fit well so went with it. And you know, after I got the quilt done it just bothered me that that one fabric just popped out whenever I looked at the quilt.  I let it sit a while but it just didn't work.  So I took out all those pieces and replaced them with a calmer green.  Which worked so much better! I'm so happy I did.

Then I had to muck my way through all the issues with my longarm, so it was December before I got to quilting these beauties.  

Interlocking Desert Stars II

2nd last step - still have to get the labels on, then its bath!

New Directions for Jim

I love making quilts.  Like, really, really love making quilts.  Picking the fabric, fondling the fabric, finding a pattern, adapting patterns, sewing, pressing (yes, even pressing!), and the quilting, oh, the quilting.  It's all a creative, tactile experience.  

I have lots of people to make quilts for, and I decided my son needed my next one.  Got some basic info from him (blue, please) and he'd like the design of one I'd finished this fall, so off I went. Actually got *all* of the fabric for this quilt from my stash.

Started the quilt Jan 26, on the frame Feb 1.  Just have the label to put on and its first wash, and it's ready to go!

Even got some photos in the sunshine.

The design is by Jane Page Kessler and available from the Benartex website. The original design is two columns of arrows; I wanted it a bit bigger so added the third column.  The quilting is simple u-turns, horizontal in the grey background and vertical in the chevrons.

A bit closer detail

Farmer's Wife Weekend

It's been a fabulous weekend - glorious sunshine and warm winds to melt away our snow.  And the Scott's Tournament of Hearts - the Canadian Women's Curling Championship.  Sunshine, curling, quilting, walking in the sunshine.  Soaking up the sunshine.

I really hope that I get over this urge to do wee sampler blocks.  They take f.o.r.e.v.er to do each one.  You have to pick out the fabric for that *one* block, figure out how it goes together, put it together.  The putting together is much easier the second, third, tenth, twentieth block.  And these bitty 6 1/2" blocks. With 40 pieces.  I have too many quilts in my head for this!  

But I'm close, so close on this one - 8 blocks left of 111.

This weekend's roundup ...

FWS 57 Morning

FWS 60 Noon & Light

FWS 63 Ozark Maple Leaf

FWS 74 Ribbons

FWS 78 Shooting Star

FWS 79 Silver Lane

FWS 82 Spider Legs

Monday, February 13, 2017

Project 48 Quilt

After my breakthrough with the English Paper Pieced blocks that were in the Project48 Quilt, I was energized to finish the blocks!  And the top is now together.  

I arranged the blocks in a 7 x 8 grid.  One block ended up being just a bit too big, and I didn't want to chop off its points so it's going to go on the back.  I ended up with 50 blocks - some were done a couple of different ways and I did not do block 22 at all - just couldn't make sense of it.  So filled the empty spots with a block of plain fabric - some of my favourites from the project.

I've pinned it back up to the design wall, with a couple of grunge fabrics to audition for possible borders.  Although many modern quilts look awesome with no border, with the variety of block types in this one, I am thinking that it needs something to frame the blocks, and so I don't lose part of the outer blocks to the quilting.  We'll see what I think after letting it sit overnight.

The project was begun Jan 23, 2016, the last block finished Feb 12, 2017. Blocks are 9" finished.  There are 974 pieces in the quilt!

Block 45 - not many good selveges on batiks, simple fun strips

Block 46 - 3D effect

Block 47 - free form gentle curves

Block 48 - Left turn! (a small nod to the Nascar races we enjoy)

The top all together - auditioning borders

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Transparency Swatch Quilt

What a fabulous meeting we had at the London Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday.  Our main theme for the day was to explore transparencies.  We had been provided a general idea of how transparencies can work, and two patterns - a table runner and a larger quilt - the "Swatch Quilt" designed by the Modern Quilt Studio.  For the meeting, our very able presenter had prepared the table runner in a rainbow of colour.

I spent an afternoon pulling fabric potentials, and an evening cutting.  Got a portion of the top put together at the meeting, finished it up today.  Had to substitute a few blocks that just didn't flow like I'd hoped.

A couple glimpses of the flimsy ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New baby quilt

It's been delivered :)

For my new grand-niece, a welcome quilt.  The design is "Not Quite Squared" by Lisa Chin, from Fons & Porter's "Easy Quilts".  In fun greens and purples.  Tried to get a nice photo shoot before it was delivered but it's been very windy for many, many days!

I liked the modern feel to this quilt, with it's chopped up squares and colour study.  The quilting had a variety of fun motifs in each square, from farm animals to hippy peace to guitars.



Guitar motif

Hippy Peace motif

Sunday, February 5, 2017

English Paper Piecing

I've admired English Paper Piecing from afar.  At one of the quilt shows last year there was an amazing display of the Millefiore quilts (see some of the inspiration here.)  

I haven't been much interested because it is all handwork, and with carpal tunnel and arthritis issues in my hands, really didn't consider this technique as something to get into.

But then, our awesome London Modern Quilt Guild meeting in January, we had a session learning how to make hexies and to join them together.

I *do* have lots of occasions where I'm passengering or watching news etc where I can stitch a few of these goodies and they go together quickly.  

One of the quilt-alongs I've been working on in 2016 was Project48.  Which has a nice mix of techniques and quite modern blocks.  November had EPP blocks, which I just didn't do.  But ... after the introduction to EPP at the LMQG, I went back to these blocks and had another go ... I do have a few of the mini-charm packs - these 2.5" squares work perfectly for these!!

For Block 42, a fun diamond shape of hexies ...

Block 44 was hexies again, adding subcutting into smaller shapes.  Half-hexies are AOK, hexies into parallelograms to make a cute cube, not bad.  Hexies cut into parallelograms and triangles was a bit much.  Each side of the hex is only 1" so those pieces are really small - tough getting all the fabric at the corner to behave.  

And then there is Block 43 - supposed to be a meteorite - make a wonky ball-ish shape, subcut it and EPP those pieces back together.  I did number each piece, and had a photo to go by of the drawing before I subcut it.  I forgot that it would come together in reverse.  Had a hard time visualizing how the pieces should come back together even with those aids - kept getting it backwards.  My DH had an awesome suggestion for next time - draw a big bold circle through the design before you cut it apart, to act as registration lines.  Gah.  Of course, registration lines would have been very helpful - you'd have to keep them in the centre of the piece as the sides get covered up.  So my 'meteorite' is pretty wonky but that works for me :)

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